Hope N Change

If you don’t read “Hope n’ Change” Cartoons, you might be missing out on some good stuff.

Here are a couple about the healthcare.gov SNAFUBAR conundrum.

Federal Government Raids Home of Investigative Journalist, Confiscates Confidential Files

On August 6th, agents from the Department of Homeland Security raided the home of investigative reporter Audrey Hudson. They had a warrant to search for guns because Audrey’s husband isn’t allowed to have guns.

Apparently […]

The Only Place A Democat Wants to Drill…

I saw this bumper sticker at the library yesterday. The only stickers I normally see at the Library are Obama ’08 stickers on Subaru Outbacks.

Ohio High School Student Suspended Because Of A Poem

First thing I though was that he must have written an epic poem in which a high school kid brings guns to school and murders everyone. Nope.

So what did he do to get kicked […]

Jon Stewart on the ObamaCare Website Failure

This is pretty good.

Brutal – Pat Smith Wishes Hillary A Happy Mother’s Day, Because She’s Still Got Her Child




Pat Smith’s son, Sean, died in Benghazi, Libya.

Interesting: Hillary As Popular As Ever

Hillary Clinton has come out of her role smelling like a rose. In fact, she is just as popular today has she has ever been:
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s favorable rating from Americans is […]

AIM: Hillary Clinton: America is Losing An Information War to Al Jazeera

From Accuracy in Media’s Don Irvine:

Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton appeared before the U.S. Foreign Policy Priorities Committee yesterday, stating that counter to our history we are are now “losing an information war” […]

Hillary for President Ad Hits Airwaves, Not a Repeat from 2007

I have been wondering if President Obama would face a primary challenger in 2012.
Considering the mid term elections are still two months away and there are already “Hillary for President” ads airing on television, I’m […]

Hillary Apologizes for America’s Carbon Emissions, India Refuses to Buy Into Cap and Trade Scheme

Hillary Clinton, not wanting to be marginalized by President Obama, has starting apologizing for America now. While she was in India, she apologized for global warming. No, really: