Hillary for President Ad Hits Airwaves, Not a Repeat from 2007

I have been wondering if President Obama would face a primary challenger in 2012.
Considering the mid term elections are still two months away and there are already “Hillary for President” ads airing on television, I’m […]

Hillary Apologizes for America’s Carbon Emissions, India Refuses to Buy Into Cap and Trade Scheme

Hillary Clinton, not wanting to be marginalized by President Obama, has starting apologizing for America now. While she was in India, she apologized for global warming. No, really:


Return of the Cackle: Hillary Laughs About Piracy

What is funny about piracy? What is funny about an American being held hostage by Muslim pirates?

Ask Hillary:

What is she thinking?

Hillary Clinton: American Democracy “has been around a lot longer than European democracy.”

For eight years, we were told how President Bush’s gaffes were and embarrassment to America and his mistakes were an impediment to effective foreign policy. That is all in the past now.  Today, we have […]

Jewish People Apparently Only People Who Didn’t Know Hillary Clinton was a Liar

Hillary has followed the Obama Administration model by changing her position from what she claimed in the past.  Before, she claimed to be a strong supporter of Israel.  Today, she’s blasting them. 
Jewish leaders as […]